Terms and conditions of Trurofin

1. Terms and conditions


In the following content you will find the Terms and Conditions of the website, which along with the Privacy Policy, form a legally binding contract between Trurofin and the user.


In the following content you will find the Terms and Conditions (or ¨Terms of Use¨) of the website www.dex-trade.com (¨Website¨), which along with the Privacy Policy, form a legally binding contract between trurofin.com (EXCHANGE TECHNOLOGIES LTD (UEA), respectively onwards ¨trurofin.com¨) and the user (onwards ¨you¨ or the ¨User¨).


In the content of these Terms of Use, all reference to trurofin.com, by reference includes it´s owners,directors, administrators, investors, employees or any other natural person or legal person involved. Depending on the context, trurofin.com may also refer to the services, products, website, content or any other material, which trurofin.com provides on or outsie of the Website.

2. The Acceptance of the Terms of Use

2.1 API

By using or browsing the Website, by registering with a user account on the Website (the ¨Account¨), or by using any of the services provided by trurofin.com to the User on th Website, you are accepting and therefore you are obliged to comply with these Terms of Use.


Therefore, before taking any action on or through the Website, it is advised that you carefully read the Terms of Use an the Privacy Policy, and if you do not agree with them, you should refrain from usage.


That is, by opening an Account on the Website and becoming a Registered User, you are expressing a guarantee that:

You are accepting and therefore you are bound by these Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy, which are binding; and that You have a full capability to accept and be bound by these Terms of Use.

3. Description of the Website


The Website corresponds to a web platform, which is intended to offer the service of online exchange of Crytpocurrencies, such as bitcoin, ethereum, bitcoin cash (the ¨Service¨ of the ¨Platform¨), which allows the Registered User to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies (digital assets). In other words, the Website functions as a meeting place for those, who, on one side wish to buy Cryptocurrencies, and on the other, wish to sell them. According to the previous, in order to perform any of those actions you should be registered on the Website and therefore have an Account. trurofin.com may, at it´s sole discretion, add other Cryptocurrencies in addition to those currently supported, or cease to support one or more of the Cryptocurrencies currently supported, if estimated appropriate, while it not being an obligation of trurofin.com to add other or cease to support of any of the currently supported Cryptocurrencies. Within the services offered by the Website, the Registered Users may exchange between themselves different Cryptocurrencies, exchange Cryptocurrencies for any legal tender, or vice versa, at a rate or price agreed between themselves.


We would like to inform you that trurofin is not directly involved in any trading activity on the platform. trurofin is a trading platform that provides secure and reliable services for users to place orders. Our platform is designed to connect buyers and sellers and facilitate asset exchange between them. As a platform, we do not make any decisions regarding the assets being traded or take any positions in the market. We simply provide the technology to enable users to place orders and execute trades.


The Market Making service is handled by third-party companies. Also, Market Making is available with the help of API to all users of trurofin exchange. The API provided by trurofin allows you to programmatically connect your systems to our trading platform, enabling you to automate your trading strategies and operations. The API documentation at https://docs.dex-trade.com provides all the necessary information on how to make API requests, including the available endpoints, required parameters, and expected responses.


We are providing a safe and transparent trading environment and will continue to work hard to ensure that our platform remains a trusted and reliable tool for our users.


You agree that trurofin.com may be prevented from offering these services at any moment.


You agree that all of these operations may be subject to a service charge or transcation costs reported by trurofin.com


For the purposes of the Website and of the Terms of Use, the term ¨to trade¨ and/or ¨transaction¨, mean to pay, buy, sell and withdraw Cryptocurrencies. Despite the Website being aimed at Registered Users of the Republic of Chile, depending on the country of residence, it might be the case that a User does not have the possibility to use all of the functions of the Website. It is your responsibility to respect the regulations and laws of your country of residence, or the country from where you are accessing the Website and the services of trurofin.com, including, but not limited to the exchange and transfer regime of each of the countries. In this respect, the User may not use the Website and/or the services of trurofin.com to transgress, directly or indirectly, any provision of the legal system.

4. Registered User´s Accounts, Verification


By registering as a Registered User on the Website you agree to provide us with true, correct and updated information. Any changes in the provided information are your responsibility and therefore you are required to update it in case of any changes and regularly, since in case it is necessary, we will contact you with accordance to that information. Furthermore, by registering as a User, you authorize trurofin.com to, directly or through third parties, perform inquiries, queries, crossings of database, or any other action, which we consider relevant in order to verify your identity, as established in the Privacy Policy, and in order to comply with the regulations regarding the prevention of money laundering, terrorist financing and bribary of public officials, and/or to prevent ourselves from fraud.


What is more, when registering as a Registered User and verifying the Account, you must select an access password, being responsible for maintaining it's confidentiality, and therefore being responsible for the information and the use of your Account. What is more, by registering you accept the responsibility of maintaining control over the security of any information, IDs, passwords or any other code that you use to access the Platform. Any negligence or lack of proper diligence on your part in relation to the handling of the information may result in unauthorized access to your Account by third parties, and the loss or theft of the Cryptocurrencies or funds held therein.Consequently, you agree to be solely responsible for keeping your personal information on your Account, such as email address, homeaddress and phone number, updated, in order for us to be able to receive any alert or to be able to send you notifications. trurofin.com will not be liable for any loss or damage that you may suffer as a result of unauthorized access by third parties to your Account, as a result of hacking or loss of passwords, or as a result of not taking action in time after being alerted or notified by us. In case you have reason to believe that the access information to your Account has been compromised, contact us immediately through support@trurofin.com


The verification of the Account consists of you providing personal information, in order for trurofin.com to be able to verify that whoever claims to be registering on the Website is effectively the person who claims to be and is able to validate that the origin of the funds traded by that person is legitimate and that the funds belong to that person. For this purpose trurofin.com provides tools, which allow the User to obtain this result and in particular there will be a difference between those people who wish to trade relevant amounts, through the Website, and those who do not.


trurofin.com keeps, as it may apply, at its sole discretion, the amount, which it considers relevant, as well as the denomination of that amount trurofin Exchange reserves the right to request all the information it considers pertinent and necessary, in order to enable the User to transact or operate any of the services it provides. trurofin also retains the exclusive right to decide which Users may trade or operate the services it provides.


In case of finding or suspecting any inappropriate activity related to your Account, trurofin.com may request additional information, including document authentication, or freezing of transactions in order to review them. You will be obliged to comply with these requests, otherwise you agree that your Account will be closed. What is more, in case of this situation, you are primarily required to immediately contact trurofin.com as indicated in the "Contact" section below.


The Account is personal, unique and non-transferable, and it is prohibited for the same Registered User to register or own more than one account, or to allow third parties to access the services offered by trurofin.com, through his account, without the relevant prior authorization bytrurofin.com. In the event of trurofin.com detecting different accounts that contain matching or related data, it reserves the right to delete, suspend or disable those accounts, without the User obtaining any right to compensation.


The Registered User who violates any of these rules may be removed from the Website, with the consequent closing of his Account, in addition to being liable for losses incurred bytrurofin.com.or any other Registered User of the Website, or any other person, and that have been the result of this violation(s).


Despite the strict security controls on the Website, the User declares that he will not use third-party accounts or help third parties obtain access to them, without prior authorization from trurofin.com


Unauthorized use of accounts other than your own will result, according to the judgement of trurofin.com, in the immediate suspension or closing of all accounts involved, as well as all pending purchase and /or sale orders.


Any attempt to perform the above or to assist third parties (Registered Users or not) in the unauthorized use of accounts, whether by distributing instructions for this purpose, software or providing tools for that purpose, will result, according totrurofin.com's judgement, in the immediate closing of the respective accounts. Closing or termination of accounts is not the only action that trurofin.com can take as a result of contravention or violation of what is indicated here, as well as in other sections of the Terms of Use, thereforetrurofin.com reserves the right to take any other action against the persons involved.


The User accepts and declares that he will not use his Account or the Website to carry out illegal or criminal activities of any kind, including, but not limited to, money or asset laundering, terrorist financing, financial terrorism, malicious hacking, transgression of the rules of exchange and transfers, evasion or transgression of tax provisions, etc.


You accept that the sale, transfer or assignment of the Account is prohibited.


trurofin.com reserves the right to refuse any registration request or to delete a previously accepted Account, without being obliged to communicate or explain the reasons for its decision and without the User obtaining any right to compensation.


trurofin does not technically serve the following countries: the Russian Federation and Crimea, the United States of America, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Pakistan, Sudan and Kazakhstan. Verification for these countries is also not possible, so documents of users from these countries will not be accepted for verification.

5. Risks related to Cryptocurrencies and the use of the Website


The exchange of goods or products, real or virtual, as well as money or currencies, carries a significant risk. The prices of these may vary over time and because of the occurrence of different events. As a result of these price variations, the value of your assets can increase or decrease drastically at any time and without prior notice.


By using the Website, you assume, declare and guarantee to be aware that any commodity, whether virtual or not, is subject to significant changes in value, and may even end up with a value equal to zero. That said, there is an inherent risk of loss of money related to the purchase, sale or exchange of goods in the market, both real and virtual, and the same applies to Cryptocurrencies.


Furthermore, you declare and accept that the exchange of Cryptocurrencies may carry special risks, which may not necessarily apply to currencies, assets or products of free exchange.


Therefore, there is no federal reserve, central bank, government or other entity that protects their value, and they are reached exclusively under the balance between supply and demand.


Although it is not our mission or our intention to define exactly what a Cryptocurrency and its' generation system is, we can point out, in a few words, by taking as reference bitcoin and ethereum, which correspond to a global, decentralized and autonomous, self-regulated system, through which a virtual commodity, or digital asset, called Cryptocurrency is generated and circulated, and whose value is based on the trust the users themselves give the system.


In this regard, you declare to know and accept that the trade or exchange of Cryptocurrencies can be susceptible to irrational (or rational) bubbles, can be subject to loss of trust, and in consequence could lead to a collapse of your demand regarding the offer.


Merely by way of example, as the scenarios may vary, the trust in the Cryptocurrencies could collapse as a result of an unexpected change imposed by a software developer, of a prohibition imposed by some government or state, of the creation of a technically superior alternative, or simply of an inflationary or deflationary spiral.


What is more, the trust in Cryptocurrencies could collapse due to possible technical problems, such as when the money of the owners or people who interact or operate with Cryptocurrencies were stolen or lost, or if hackers or governments cause the prevention of transactions being made.


As for the transactions of purchase and sale of Cryptocurrencies, you understand and accept that once the orders are entered into the Platform and they are processed as completed or pending, it is not possible to cancel, reverse or change those orders. Each User is responsible for maintaining an adequate balance of funds /cryptocurrencies in order to avoid situations in which the costs associated with the withdrawal of the Cryptocurrencies or legal tender are greater than the net amount of said withdrawal. Furthermore, Users will be responsible for the information provided for any subscription or withdrawal in Cryptocurrencies to or from their trurofin.com Account to or from an external Cryptocurrency wallet. Therefore, if the information provided by the User to carry out such shipments or receipts of Cryptocurrencies to or from wallets of trurofin.com is incorrect or does not correspond to the particular type of Cryptocurrency that is being sent or received, you accept that the prior could mean the total loss of those cryptocurrencies sent or received.


trurofin.com reserves the right to refuse to process any purchase, sale or withdrawal order of Cryptocurrencies or legal tender, in its sole discretion, if trurofin.com suspects that the order involves (or has a high risk of involving) activities related to money laundering, terrorist financing, fraud, or any type of financial crime, or activity that is not in accordance with the rules of these Terms and Conditions; or in case of being required judicially or administratively to do so by some competent authority. In such circumstances, trurofin.com will cancel or refuse to process the order, without an obligation to allow a subsequent order at the same price or on the same terms as the order canceled or refused.


Finally, it is necessary to point out that there might be other possible risks not considered or identified in these Terms of Use, which Registered Users are willing to bear, freeing trurofin.com from any responsibility for them. Therefore it is crucial that you carefully analyze your financial situation and your risk tolerance before buying or selling Cryptocurrencies on the Website.

6. Changes in Protocols supporting Cryptocurrencies (Forks)


trurofin.com does not control or have any interference in the base protocols that regulate the operation of the Cryptocurrencies supported by the Website (the "Protocols"). Therefore, trurofin.com will not be responsible for the functioning of the Protocols, nor does it guarantee its operation, security or availability. Therefore, you declare to be aware that the Protocols may be subject to modifications to their rules of operation (“Forks”) and that such modifications may materially affect the value, utility and availability of the Cryptocurrency, of which protocol is modified. Consequently, if a Fork occurs, which affects any of the Cryptocurrencies supported by the Platform, you agree that trurofin.com may temporarily suspend any operation linked to it (with or without prior notice) and that trurofin.com may, at its sole discretion, decide to operate (or cease to operate) the underlying cryptocurrency that the protocol modified through Fork. You acknowledge and agree thattrurofin.com will nottake any responsibility for any damage caused by a Fork not supported by the Platform.


In case that trurofin.com pronounces itself negatively about an eventual Fork to one of the supported Protocols, or does not pronounce its position regarding it, and a User wishes to participate in the results of that Fork, the User must withdraw the Cryptocurrencies connected to the affected Protocol from his trurofin.com Account to a wallet that supports the Fork before the budgeted date for that Fork.


trurofin.com will not take any responsibility in relation to any attempt of use of the Services for Cryptocurrencies, which trurofin.com does not support.

7. Reports and recommendations


All reports prepared by trurofin.com, as well as the data, opinions, estimates, forecasts and recommendations, which they contain, and which are found on the Website or communications which trurofin.com may carry out to its Registered and not registered Users, have been created for the purpose of providing general information and are subject to change without prior notice. trurofin.com makes no commitment to communicate such changes or update the content of such reports.


Its content does not constitute an offer, invitation or request to buy or sell Cryptocurrencies, or cancellation of existing operations, nor can it serve as a base for any commitment or decision of any kind. Relying on the advice, opinions, declarations or statements, which such reports may contain, will be only at the User's risk.


Neither trurofin.com, nor anyone of its directors, administrators, managers, employees or representatives will be responsible for the accuracy, mistakes, omission or use of any content in this report, or for its timeliness, truthfulness or integrity.You should be aware that the operations referred to in some reports may not be suitable for your specific investment objectives, your financial position or your risk profile, since these variables have not been taken into account in the preparation of the reports.


You must make your own purchase or sale, investment and / or speculation decisions taking into account these circumstances.


The content of the reports is based on information that is considered available to the public, obtained from sources that are considered reliable, but the information has not been independently verified by trurofin.com, and therefore no warranty, express or implied, is offered regarding its accuracy, completeness or correctness.


trurofin.com takes no responsibility for any loss occured in the market, direct or indirect, that may result from the use of the information contained in the reports. Reports are subject to the Limited Right of Use section indicated below.

8. Financial Regulation and Self-Regulation


trurofin.com and the Website and it's Services do not represent financial services or operations related to financial or exchange activity, nor entities of the financial sector, nor intermediaries of the exchange market. They are aimed at facilitating the Registered Users the purchase and sale of Cryptocurrencies.


The Website, the Service and their use may not be subject to any financial regulations, as Cryptocurrencies may not be a financial asset, or value, in the countries where the Website operates.


Nevertheless, in pursuit of transparency, security and proper functioning of the Website, trurofin.com operates with a compliance officer in each of the jurisdictions where it operates, in addition to having strict self-regulation rules.

9. Single End Mandate of Funds Held at trurofin.com


The Registered User accepts, declares, orders, guarantees and secures that the money, which he enters into his Account, either via bank transfer or other method, and either personally or through a third party, who has previously signed an appropriate mandate, can only be used, exclusively and specifically, to buy Cryptocurrencies on your own account and not for any other purpose.


Accordingly, the Registered User accepts and ensures that the Cryptocurrencies (or other digital asset supported by trurofin.com), which he brings forward in his Account, through whatever method, may only be used, exclusively and specifically, to offer on his own account in exchange for legal tender (such as CLP, USD EUR, RUB, etc.) and in exchange for other Cryptocurrencies offered on the Website, and not for any other purpose.


The Registered User also understands, declares, guarantees, assures and accepts that the funds he brings forward in trurofin.com, are Cryptocurrencies, they must be withdrawn once the transaction has been made, and that trurofin.com is not a deposit or vault, where the funds or the Cryptocurrencies may be left indefinitely.

10. Closing and Unverified Accounts


Registered Users may terminate this agreement with trurofin.com, at any time and therefore close their Accounts once all pending transactions have been settled.


Furthermore, you accept and agree that trurofin.com may, without prior notice, limit, suspend or terminate the service and the Accounts, prohibit access to the Website and its content, services and tools, restrict or remove the stored content, as well as undertake technical and legal actions to maintain Registered Users off the Website if it is suspected that they are infringing the Terms of Use.


trurofin.com may, at its sole discretion, suspend or close Registered User Accounts for any of the following reasons, which are introduced as examples only, therefore by opening an Account you ensure that you will not use the services of trurofin.com in connection with any of the following activities, practices or businesses:


Upon the requirement of any government or state institution or authority, such as the Police, the Financial Analysis Unit, the Financial Information and Analysis Unit, the Investigation Police, the Courts of Justice, judges, superintendencies etc., if it conforms to the respective legal and /or procedural rules that are applicable.


If a Registered User acts as an intermediary, participant or beneficiary of schemes that, at the sole judgement of trurofin.com, consist of "Multi-level Marketing" or "Network Marketing" models related to Cryptocurrencies, or others in which there are indications of "Ponzi" or pyramidal schemes;


If a Registered User uses his Account to manage transactions for the benefit of third parties other than the User who owns the Account, or operates his Account with funds owned by third parties, without the corresponding prior authorization of trurofin.com.


Furthermore, trurofin.com expressly reserves the right to cancel and /or close Accounts, which have not been successfully verified ("Accounts Not Verified" or "Accounts Disabled"). After making reasonable efforts to verify and find the holder of the respective Account for at least 6 months, and without having achieved the objective, trurofin.com may donate the goods (CLP, USD, EUR, RUB , Cryptocurrencies, or others) that have been left in the Unverified Account to any NGO, group or association for Cryptocurrencies, without any further responsibility for trurofin.com, and against which you agree not to take any action by accepting these Terms of Use.


The suspension or closure of an Account will not affect the payment of service charges accrued and due for past transactions. At the closing of an Account, Registered Users must submit a valid bank account of their ownership so that trurofin.com can make the deposit of any amount that it may owe to the said Registered User. The Registered User must be the owner of the bank account, otherwise trurofin.com may refrain from making the payment online and in that case the User must contact trurofin.com as indicated in the "Contact" section below.


Any balance in Cryptocurrencies can only be transferred to a bank account once converted to a currency that is acceptable by the respective bank, as long as the Cryptocurrency balance is sufficient to cover the transaction costs (commission of trurofin.com and network fee) and the possible costs of the subsequent transfer.


trurofin.com will transfer the amount due as soon as the Registered User requests it and within the deadlines specified by trurofin.com for these purposes. However, after 6 months without having provided a valid bank account or without having contacted trurofin.com, so that it may have made the payment, and after trurofin.com having made reasonable efforts to contact and return the said money to the Registered User within that period, trurofin.com will be exempt from paying the debt and therefore you will not be able to recover the said money. Without affecting the prior, you agree that there may be situations, in which, under a valid law or valid court order, trurofin.com may be forced to prevent the withdrawal of balances held in the Account.


Notwithstanding that trurofin.com will send you information regarding your Account, you are aware that there are charges for services and other charges that may be applicable for bank transfers, which will be debited automatically from your Account. trurofin.com will make reasonable efforts to inform you in advance of these associated costs, however this does not mean that it is obliged to do so.


In the case of closing an Account, if the costs of restitution of any amount due to the User are greater than the amount due, you agree that no refund will be made. In the event of a possible suspension, closing or disabling of a Registered User, all pending operations will be carried out or executed and in no case will the charges or payments that the disabled Registered User have made to trurofin be returned or reimbursed for any reason.


In case of canceling or blocking a previously accepted Account, trurofin.com reserves the right to require the user to complete a form regarding client knowledge, and request a statement of the origin of funds and any other identity verification that is necessary, in trurofin.com's judgemente, before allowing the withdrawal or transfer of funds or Cryptocurrencies that remain in the Account on the date of the cancellation or blocking.


Furthermore, in case of canceling or blocking a previously accepted Account, for any reason, trurofin.com will inform or notify you of this decision, except in the case of a requirement or instruction of the contrary made by any governmental or state institution or other authority, if it conforms to the respective legal and or procedural rules that are applicable.


Finally, by creating an Account you agree that the decision to cancel or block the Account may be based on confidential criteria essential for the Compliance and Risk protocols of trurofin.com, therefore you understand and accept that trurofin.com does not have an obligation to disclose details of these internal protocols.

11. Service charge, Transaction and Compensation Costs


trurofin.com charges for all transactions that occur within our Platform, whether it is purchase or sale (service charge). What is more, there might exist costs associated with payments and withdrawals in Cryptocurrencies, which are charged by banks, payment methods, transfer service providers, and the networks of each of the Cryptocurrencies supported by the Platform. trurofin.com reserves the right to change its service fees at any time.


The service fee is charged in full amount at the time of the transaction, therefore there are no and there will be no subsequent charges associated with them.


You can find all these costs here: Commissions.


trurofin.com reports that exist certain transaction costs associated with charges made by networks or the infrastructure behind the Cryptocurrencies, such as withdrawing bitcoins from your Account to your personal Bitcoin wallet. These costs, however adjusted daily by market rules, will be notified to you before requesting the withdrawal. In this regard, any withdrawal in Cryptocurrencies from your trurofin.com Account to an external Cryptocurrency wallet must be in an amount at least greater than the network transaction costs, effectively at the time of withdrawal. What is more, trurofin.com will automatically charge from your Account all transaction costs, which apply when making transactions. You declare to be fully aware of the above and accept it.


In case that service fees, transaction costs or other charges have been applied, which do not correspond, the Registered User must contact our Customer Service team at support@dex-trade.com. to resolve this situation.


You accept and declare that trurofin.com has the right to compensate any amount owed by the User with the amounts that trurofin.com may owe, compensation, which will be automatically produced as defined by trurofin.com.

12. Means of Payment


The only means of payment and credit authorized on the Website, unless expressly stated otherwise, may be, although are not an obligation of trurofin.com, the following:

13. Availability of the Website


You accept and agree that trurofin.com is not responsible for any damage or loss to the Registered User caused by failures in the system, on the server, on the Internet or on the Website.


trurofin.com will not be responsible for any virus that could infect the Registered User's equipment as a result of access, use or review of the Website or following any transfer of data, files, images, texts, or audio contained within. Users may NOT impute any responsibility or demand payment for loss of profit or damage, caused by damages resulting from technical difficulties or failures in the system, the Internet or the Website. trurofin.com does not guarantee continued or uninterrupted access and use of the Website. The system may possibly not be available due to technical difficulties or Internet failures, or due to any other circumstance, related or unrelated to trurofin.com; In such cases, efforts will be made to restore it as quickly as possible, without any responsibility being imposed on it. trurofin.com will not be responsible for any error or omission of content on the Website.

14. Limited Right of Use


Unless stated otherwise, all material on te Website is the property of trurofin.com and is protected bycopyright and trademark rights and other international laws that are applicable. The User may review, print and /or download copies of the material on the Website for exclusively personal, informative and non-commercial purposes.


The trurofin.com brand and logo used on the Website ("Trade Mark") are properties of trurofin.com and their respective owners. The software, texts, reports, images, graphics, information, prices, tradings, videos and audios used on the Website (the "Material") are also the property of trurofin.com, unless expressly stated otherwise. The Trademark and the Material must not be copied, reproduced, modified, republished, loaded, posted, transmitted, decomposed (scrapped), collected or distributed commercially, either automatically or manually. The use of any material on another site or computer network, for any purpose other than that of the trurofin.com Website, is strictly prohibited; Any unauthorized use will mean a violation of copyright, trademark rights and other international laws that are applicable, and may result in civil or criminal penalties.

15. External Websites


You agree that trurofin.com reserves the right to give, to some persons (legal or natural) access to specific information through our API (Application Programming Interface) or through Widgets. What is more, you agree that trurofin.com reserves the right to provide Widgets for the User to display information from the Website on its own websites. You are free to use these Widgets as trurofin.com delivers them; without altering or modifying them.

16. API and Widgets


You agree that trurofin.com reserves the right to give, to some persons (legal or natural) access to specific information through our API (Application Programming Interface) or through Widgets. What is more, you agree that trurofin.com reserves the right to provide Widgets for the User to display information from the Website on its own websites. You are free to use these Widgets as trurofin.com delivers them; without altering or modifying them.

17. External Websites


Dex-trade.com is not responsible in any way for external or third-party websites that you can access from the Website. In this regard, the Website may occasionally reference or provide links to other websites ("External Websites"). trurofin.com does not control these External Websites or the information they contain, therefore it is not responsible for your interaction with them, nor do we suggest that you access or use them.


The External Websites have policies and terms of use different and independent from those of the trurofin Website, so the access and use of them is very different from what may result from this Website and therefore we suggest you review the policies, rules, terms and regulations of each External Website you visit. It is your responsibility to take the necessary precautions to ensure that all access or use of such External Websites is free of viruses, worms, Trojans and other elements of a destructive nature.

18. Jurisdiction


These Terms of Use are regulated under the Law of each of the jurisdictions, where trurofin.com operates as an incorporated company.

19. Responsibility Limitation


trurofin.com is not responsible for any damage, loss of benefits, loss of income, loss of business, loss of opportunities, loss of data, indirect or consequential, unless the loss has been caused by serious fault or intent. It is the User who must prove these circumstances.


Despite the prior, the greatest responsibility that trurofin.com may have under or in connection with the use of the Website is limited to:


For these purposes you authorize trurofin.com to verify the status, amount or quantity that each Registered User owns in their Account and the procedure through which the transactions subject

20. Compensation


The Registered User will compensate, maintain undamaged and defend trurofin.com, its branches, subsidiaries and controllers, and their respective directors, managers, administrators and employees, for any action, claim or demand of other Registered Users or third parties for their activities on the Website or for their own breach of the Terms of Use and other Policies that are understood to be incorporated into the Terms of Use or for the violation of any laws or rights of third parties, including attorney fees in a reasonable amount.

21. Other


If we cannot deliver the Service described in these Terms of Use for reasons beyond our control, including but not limited to events or force majeure factors, regulatory changes, changes in law, or penalties, we are not responsible to Users regarding the Service offered under this agreement and for the duration of said event or factor.

22. Modifications of the Terms of Use


trurofin.com reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use, at any time, and those changes will be effective from the moment they are published. trurofin.com commits to make reasonable efforts to report material changes in the Terms of Use, through the channels that trurofin.com condiders appropriate, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the User to review, on a regular basis, the Terms of Use of the Website.


If the Users continue to use and Access the Website after the changes in the Terms of Use are made, it will mean that they accept the changes.

23. Modifications of the Terms of Use


trurofin.com reserves the right to modify these Terms of Use, at any time, and those changes will be effective from the moment they are published. trurofin.com commits to make reasonable efforts to report material changes in the Terms of Use, through the channels that trurofin.com condiders appropriate, but it is the ultimate responsibility of the User to review, on a regular basis, the Terms of Use of the Website.


If the Users continue to use and Access the Website after the changes in the Terms of Use are made, it will mean that they accept the changes.

25. Information Privacy


To be able to use the Services offered by trurofin.com, Registered Users must provide certain personal data. Your personal information is processed and stored on servers or magnetic media, which maintain both physical and technological security and protection standards. For more information regarding the privacy of Personal Data and cases in which personal information will be disclosed, you can consult our Privacy Policies.

26. Divisibility


If any term or provision contained in these Terms of Use or its application to a person or circumstance is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of it, or the application of it to any person or circumstance, apart from those in respect of which it is said to be invalid, will not be affected by it and will be valid and enforceable to the fullest extent permitted by law, and you and trurofin.com will agree to replace that term or provision with other terms and provisions that, to the extent allowed by law, allow the parties to obtain the benefit of the term or provision thus held as invalid or unenforceable.

27. Contact


In case of any questions, complaints, comments or suggestions regarding the content of the Terms of Use, your rights and obligations arising from the Terms of Use and/ or regarding the use of the Website and it´s Services, or your Account, please contact us at support@trurofin.com.